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Everyday Pearl Bracelets

Pearls are one of my all-time favorite gems. For as long as I can remember I have loved these beautiful beads, first seeing them on my grandmother and great-grandmother, and then being able to get my own. One of my first jewelry gifts that I can remember was a pair of pearl earring studs. Since then, I have always had pearl jewelry in some shape or form.

It is said that pearls signify purity, integrity and faith, but they also have other meanings and healing properties. The beauty of pearls is that the freshwater varieties are very versatile and dyed in beautiful shades, which makes jewelry designs more creative and geared towards everyday pieces.

At Althea's Attic FL, we have started our pearl collection off with our pastel colored Pearl Wrap and multi-strand Bracelets. Our designs include Freshwater Pearls with Czech beads. Wrap bracelets are made with memory wire, while multi-strand bracelets are strands finished with a clasp. These bracelets can be worn every day, on any occasion, and with anything. I wear mine with jeans all the time. Another beauty of pearls is that they can be worn by any age group, all you have to do is find the design and style that's right for you.

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