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More ways to shop Althea's Attic Jewelry

2022 was a busy year for getting the foundations set for moving forward. I have been making and selling beaded jewelry for some time, and have looked at different ways of promoting and selling that worked for me. In 2022 I began to explore, plan and spread my wings by looking at all the various options available for moving forward. I explored new avenues for getting customers and more eyes on my designs, some worked and some were just not the right fit. I'm sure if you've been following you have seen the changes that have taken place over the year, from the design of the logo to the changes in the website.

In 2023 all the work from the previous year has all come together. You will continue to see improvements and changes. There are also new designs in the works. Look out for more collaborations from my sister at Brilliance Gems. And you can now follow and interact with Althea’s Attic Jewelry on a daily basis on your favorite social media platforms Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and very recently on Tiktok, all @AltheasAtticJewelry. I've also made it easy for you to shop your favorite styles from these social media platforms. But, if you're not on social media then you can shop the website at or on Etsy.

As the store continues to grow I hope you will share in and enjoy this experience. From me to you all, I wish you a stylish 2023.

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