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My Favorite Bracelet - Wraps

Bracelets are beautiful. Bracelets are versatile. Bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. I’m a bracelet lover and have worn them for as long as I can remember. So when I started making my handmade beaded jewelry, bracelets were one of the first things I made.

I love using gemstones in my designs. Their colors, whether dyed or natural, the way they feel against the skin. It is that cool feeling of stone against skin that is comforting and calming to me, and it is this cool and calming feeling why so many use gems in crystal healing. I love the beauty of the stones, the way the light might reflect off them, or the way they sit with other beads they’re strung with. Gemstones are a very versatile material, which is why I use them as the main beads in my handmade jewelry, along with high-quality glass and artisan and seed beads.

Of all the bracelets that I make, memory wire wraps are my favorite. These wonderful coils are great for bracelet lovers. With memory wire, you can make single wraps or multi-wraps, with beautiful combinations of designs. With one wrap bracelet, you can have various designs, or you can have one continuous coordinated design. There are so many choices when using memory wire.

Memory wire is also adjustable, so it can fit many wrist sizes. Bracelet stacks are on trend, and it’s a trend I’m in love with, and using memory wire to create beautiful wrap bracelets is an easy way to wear a bracelet stack and not worry about the size of the bracelets and your wrist size.

Visit my boutique online to see more of my favorite wrap bracelet designs at Althea’s Attic FL

We also do custom designs.

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