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Shades of Purple

Hello and welcome to another edition of Althea's Attic Jewelry blog. This month purple has been on our minds and we have highlighted some of the amazing pieces that we have in our boutique in varying shades of purple.

The color purple is known to signify the crown chakra. This in turn has made it a very popular color to denote luxury, power, ambition, nobility. But it is also a color that signifies balance, moderation and wisdom. Whatever resonates with you there is no denying that purple is a beautiful color that deserves its own month to shine.

We have highlighted beautiful gemstones and glass in our designs, including our favorite gems Amethyst and Agate. Amethyst is such a beautiful stone and shows the varying shades of purple beautifully. It goes from very dark to extremely light, almost translucent with wisps of purple floating in the gem.

Agate is normally dyed, and the shades of purple that are available are gorgeous, like the purple in our double bead Agate earrings.

pictures of beaded earrings and bracelets
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All the jewelry at Althea's Attic Jewelry is made by hand. We ensure that we get high-quality beads to give you a product that you can love and cherish for a long time. Visit our online boutique and choose your favorite purple piece to showcase your style and passion.

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